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Counseling Sessions

To help you make the right choice, each Career Leap kit offers a personalized career counseling session after the online assessment is completed.

The Career Leap counselor is trained to help you understand your personalized career report generated online. This session is designed to dispel doubts if any as well as receive an insight into your strengths and weaknesses, and discuss career possibilities.

Career decision making is not a one day event; rather it is a process which occurs over time, and can help a student feel confident that they have explored their options and made the most appropriate choice.

We hope that through the investigation of several career choices during the counseling session, students will be able to choose a major area of interest and choose a career that matches their strengths.


Simply fill up the form below to book a session and we will allot a counselor according to your convenience.

The 45 minute one-to-one personalized counseling session with our trained counselors will be conducted virtually either through a conference call or  Skype session.

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