Multiple Intelligence Kit MI7

Multiple Intelligence Mapping Kit

MI 7 is a scientifically designed learning kit packed with 7 multiple intelligence based activities that map your dominant intelligence and preferred learning style.

The hands on experiential activities inside the kit, allow users to explore their multiple intelligence capabilities followed by an assessment that gives a personalized MI distribution chart.

The Experience : How to Use it


  • Step 1: Experience 7 MI based activities.
  • Step 2: Take the ELRA assessment that captures the experience.
  • Step 3: Personalized Report delivered with your MI distribution chart.
  • Step 4: Access Guide: Access to tools, resources and materials to help you create customized content for your classroom/homeschool.

About MI Thoery

The Multiple Intelligence (MI) theory designed by Howard Gardner has given us a unique way of perceiving each individual. It has helped us understand that we are a unique blend of multiple intelligences that dominate our learning style, communication as well as life choices.

Learner Profile

For Grade 6-9 students.

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Why MI 7


The MI 7 kit helps identify preferred learning style, sensitivities and innate working style of an individual. This data is a powerful insight into competencies and working styles. Many traditional IQ based tests often neglect the whole-brain capability of an individual, and leave many feeling as non performers. The insight though MI 7 proves that each individual has a varied intelligence meter as well as capabilities.


An understanding of the dominant intelligence meter of your classroom can guide you to create content that is customized to their learning style, leading to better classroom engagement and improved learning outcomes.


Customized content that caters to student needs implies that each student is catered to, leading to fulfilling learning objectives as well as improve learning outcomes of each individual student.