How it Works

The LEAP kit is scientifically designed to evaluate signature strengths using a 4-step process.

how it works

1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4:: Experiential Activities

The 7-intelligence mapped activity kits inside LEAP are designed using Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence theory and graded on levels based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of higher order thinking. The hands-on nature of the activity kits uses the theory of experiential learning, a concept pioneered by John Dewey and David Kolb. The experiential nature of the kit, while evaluating signature strengths, leaves an indelible learning imprint on users. While they are fun and engaging, they also provide vital data required for the scientific assessment and career mapping process

5 :: 6 :: 7 :: Online Assessment

The experiential activities are assessed using the Experiential Learning Reflective Assessment (ELRA) algorithm. The ELRA algorithm uses a reflective questionnaire to evaluate each user signature personality constituency consisting of dominant intelligences, skill level and personality attributes. The algorithm is based on mapping 7 intelligences onto higher order thinking skills, evaluating core skills and personality attributes of each user.

8 :: 9 :: 10 :: Insight

Using the result generated by the ELRA algorithm, a personalized report is generated for each user

The report consists of:

  1. INSIGHT: Signature Personality Constituency:

An Analysis of Dominant Intelligences, Top Skills, Top Attributes


Maximizing Strengths and How to Build Competitive Advantage

3. Career Map

The report also offers mapped career choices for each user. The insights from the experiences and questionnaires are mapped onto key success factors of thousands of careers to arrive at a distilled list of possible career choices that offer the individual the highest probability of success.

11 :: 12:: Making Informed Choices

The career information link on the website offers detailed information of the various careers suggested to the users as well a one-to-one session with a career counselor to help with interpretation on report and career map.


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