Inside The Kit

Inside Leap you will find a set of carefully designed experiential activity kits that are aligned with the multiple intelligence theory . While being fun and engaging, they provide vital data required for the scientific assessment and career mapping process.



Maker Kit

Designed to assess spatial and tactile intelligence, it evaluates visual thinking and multidimensional awareness. Taking inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, known for his exceptional visual reasoning and artistic ability, it gives users an experience of hands-on tactile construction and spatial orientation projects.

Inside Peek

Visual Thinking Brainteasers
Da Vinci’s Catapult Model
Re-engineering Origami Aircraft Kit
Maker Kit Experience Manual


Investigator Kit

Consisting of a series of logical challenges, the investigator kit has encryption-based mystery puzzles that evaluate sequential reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving. Inspired by leading encryption specialists and mystery aficionados, the challenge within the kit is to find the missing clues and uncover the hidden message.

Inside Peek

Logical Puzzles
The Codex Mystery
• Clue Cards
• Trivia Booklet
• Cipher Manual
• World Map
Flowchart Programming
Investigator Kit Experience Manual


Game Changer kit

Kinesthetic skills such as flexibility, balance and movement are key to the Game Changer kit. The kit uses the Diabolo, a juggling device, to evaluate dexterity and kinesthetic skill while movements such as Capoeira and break dance are used to test movement and athletic ability.

Inside Peek

Kinesthetic Movement
• Flip-book 1: Capoeira Performer
• Flip-book 2: Dual Capoeira Performers
• Flip-book 3: Break Dance
Diabolo Set
• Diabolo Cups
• Diabolo Sticks
Game Changer Kit Experience Manual


Storyteller Kit

Powered by an animated graphic book, the storyteller kit takes you through a visual stimulating linguistic experience. All activities within the kit are designed with the objective of assessing linguistic abilities such as communication, word proficiency and vocabulary.

Inside Peek

Linguistic Riddles
Animated Graphic Novel
Comic Book templates
Story Teller Kit Experience Manual

Player Kit

Musically inspired, the player kit uses the classic xylophone to evaluate an individual’s aptitude for rhythm, compositions and patterns of sound. Through a series of musical activities such as recreating melodies and creating discologies, it evaluates sensitivity to pitch, melody, rhythm, timbre and the emotional aspects of sound.

Inside Peek:

Musical 8 note Xylophone
Music Recognition and Classification
Player Kit Experience Manual


Thinker Kit

Self-awareness and reflective thinking is the key to self-growth. Through exercises such as positive visualizations, futuristic road map creation and inspired learning from accomplished leaders; the Thinker kit selects those individuals who are inclined towards personal growth and self-discovery.

Inside Peek

Emotion Flash Cards
Road Map Poster
Thinker Kit Experience Manual


Connector Kit

Designed to evaluate social sensitivity and interpersonal capabilities, the Connector kit uses sign language to assess skills such as communication, teamwork, empathy and collaboration. It offers an exercise in public speaking alongside a fun communication bingo game.

Inside Peek

Communication Puzzle
Communication Bingo
Famous Speeches
Connector Kit Experience Manual


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