Why Career Leap

Why Leap

Experience Before you make a Choice.

The hands on activities leave an indelible learning imprint on users. So experience the scientifically designed experiential activities that have proven to be fun and engaging while providing you with an understanding about yourself. Immerse your mind, engage your senses and test your skills with Career Leap.

Gain Insight And Opinion

The self contained Career Leap program gives you an insight into your signature personality constitution without depending on the opinion of career councilors. Each experience inside the kit leads you to understand your skills and competencies further and helps strengthen them. This engaging and insightful experience is coupled with a one-on-one counseling session with trained counselors to help you make the right choice.

Make Informed Choices

The Career Leap Program maps your signature personality constituents onto key success factors of thousands of careers. At the end of the program you are offered a distilled list of possible career choices that make the most of your strengths and capabilities, offering you the highest probability of success and helping you make informed choices.


A personalized success strategy report offers you a list of strategies to develop your strength and competencies. This includes tips on developing your core abilities, approach to selecting career streams and different ways to realize you full potential leading to a successful career.


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